Introducing Women@Work


For women who want to take control of their career, life, success & happiness

Women@Work is a new platform for frank, meaningful, and thought-provoking conversations about the topics that can make or break our careers. While there’s no shortage of career advice out there, many of the factors that are critical to our success—men and gender dynamics, appearance and personal brand, pregnancy and parenting—are often avoided and sometimes considered taboo. 

We created Women@Work to take on these topics head-on—helping women of all ages and in all phases of their careers with candid advice and open discussion that can be hard to find. Simply put, we're never going to sugarcoat anything or play coy. If you’re looking for an honest, direct, and unapologetic conversation about the issues that matter to your day-to-day work and broader career journey, you’ve come to the right place.