For working women, figuring out how to navigate men can be the difference between success or failure, the determining factor in whether you’re able to achieve more senior positions or get stuck in the rank and file. And yet few talk about how to be effective with men—who are inevitably our bosses, peers, subordinates, customers, and suppliers.

So how do you deal with the hundreds or even thousands of men you’ll encounter in your career? You might have heard that there are only seven stories in the world. Well, what if you could boil down all the guys you’re going to encounter into seven types? The thousands of them would become more consumable, understandable, and predictable. You could have a practical platform for action that might make you smarter, savvier, less frustrated, and more effective and successful.

Men@Work is a straightforward guide for women looking to understand these seven types of men and how to navigate them effectively. We saw an opportunity to look at this whole topic of men and women at work with a fresh lens. We wanted to take an honest, practical, and more prescriptive approach to defining and understanding the types of guys who repeatedly emerge—for better or for worse—and determine how to best navigate them based on their good and not-so-good traits, how they’re motivated, what they care about, how they’re likely to respond and interact with you. 

Men@Work is a primer for women of all ages, particularly those just embarking on their careers, but it also has advice for women in their 30s trying to decide whether to stay in the game and/or have babies and/or how to advance to the next level. It also provides valuable perspective for older women re-entering the workplace after taking time to be at home with their kids.