A career girl's guide to surviving pregnancy and parenting


From Christina

My OB/GYN is one of my favorite people on the planet. At our first visit, when I was pregnant with my second son (who’s now in middle school), we became instant and lifelong friends. During a recent visit, I was excited to tell her about everything related to Women@Work. As I started going on and on about it, a bolt of lightning struck both of us at the same time and we started talking over each other saying, “We have to write Babies@Work together!...We have to cover this challenge with our combined experiences!…We have to address this question and that question and provide this resource and that resource!…We to tell this story and provide that advice…!”

With that context, I’m excited to introduce you to Dr. Pramila (Pramy) Yadav, the most extraordinary physician and mentor and counselor and friend to so many women over the years. Her experience helping women at work deal with all sorts of challenges, opportunities, and decisions related to fertility and pregnancy and parenting and more is second to none. Her warmth, sense of humor, smarts, work ethic, and generosity make her one in a gagillion. I’m so darn lucky and beyond thrilled that she’s willing to dive into this with me!

Working comes with a myriad of challenges for women. Add babies into the mix and you have something pretty darn combustible. How do you handle pregnancy and leave? When do you tell people? Can you come back to your same job? What are the best childcare options? Will you make it to doctor’s appointments and school plays? The complexity, exhaustion, logistics, tradeoffs, constraints, agony and ecstasy, and the relentlessness of it all feels never-ending.

My biggest hope for Babies@Work is that it might help more women choose to stay in the game once they start having families. For older working moms out there, I thought you might enjoy commiserating. For younger women, I thought these stories and advice might help you find answers to questions emerging as you’re contemplating marriage and/or babies. I thought those now in the throes of making it all work and wondering if you should stick it out might be able to use some perspective on how things will play out.

From Pramy

When I first met Christina over a decade ago, I was a green, fresh-faced physician, just out of my residency. While she was my patient, we immediately built a broader relationship talking about the business of my practice as well as her career-life journey with one son and another on the way. I was struggling with the politics and economics of my first group and she encouraged me to be bold and go it alone, to start my own practice. In fact, I distinctly remember her coaching me on this in the middle of her labor process, which oddly turned out to be a great catch-up for both of us. Fast forward thirteen years and I have a thriving independent practice that has given me all sorts of amazing things—economic self-reliance, a rich network of friends and colleagues, and the opportunity to help women achieve their life goals, good health, and happiness.

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My career has enabled me to educate and care for women at all stages of their reproductive life. Having practiced in the Boston area since medical school, I've been able to collaborate with thousands of well-educated women with strong careers and big opportunities, all facing a watershed point in their professional and personal lives. This time of so many decisions and considerations and all sorts of variables and tradeoffs can be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. My goal has been to help working women optimize their medical care and overall health and happiness in the context of their broader life goals.

To that end, I hope to impart wisdom and guidance gained from my career to women navigating these critical decades of their life. I hope to demystify the maze of birth control, fertility, pregnancy, birth plans, postpartum health, and everything that goes with them, all with the goal of making this whole process "work" for those that want to work.

From Christina & Pramy

We're just getting started, but we’re looking forward to the journey of building out what we know and sharing it with you. In the meantime, we want to invite others to engage in the conversation about babies and work. If you’re on the other side of having kids while continuing to work, we’re eager to get your ideas, feedback, questions, and stories! If this whole adventure is in front of you, tell us what you want to know!

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