More about me…

I’m definitely not a household name and will never make the Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Women list, but I’ve been reasonably successful throughout my 30+ year career.  Throughout my early jobs in non-profit and public sector work followed by an entrepreneurial stint manufacturing before eventually landing in the more traditional corporate world of enterprise technology, I’ve learned a few things that can help women of all ages gain perspective on how to navigate the complex landscape that is work, particularly through better understanding men.

For the last 20ish years, my career has been focused on the technology industry at larger companies like Oracle and IBM and smaller firms that were acquired by them.  Throughout this journey, I’ve had a variety of roles that have focused on business strategy, product management, marketing and product development.

I earned a BA in Government and Theology from Georgetown University and attended the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where I received an MBA in Business Strategy.  Originally from a big family in Oklahoma and a product of 17 years of Catholic education, I have lived in DC, Phoenix, Chicago, and now resides in Boston with my husband and two sons.

Through the Women@Work book series, I’ve endeavored to take an approach to workplace issues and women’s role in it that is perhaps a bit more hard hitting and honest than most, taking on taboos where I can so we can demystify, understand and manage them effectively.  My goal is to provide insights are edgy, authentic and maybe even humorous where I can be, while passing along advice that is practical and actionable.  My ultimate goal is to create a platform for women to think about their careers differently and support each other as they figure out how to navigate to where they want to go in life, capitalizing on everything work has to offer them. 

Beyond the books, Women@Work is dedicated to promoting the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world.  Proceeds from our books and other products fund a variety of programs, such as girls’ coding and STEM, scholarships, women’s back-to-work initiatives and more. We're also looking to start Women@Work(shops) featuring basic economic and business education taught by successful women looking to help emerging women realize their dreams.