A career girl's guide to navigating male archetypes, achieving success, and finding happiness

The Book Series

The goal of the Women@Work books is to create a platform for frank, meaningful and thought provoking conversation for women on subjects we all face in the workplace.  While there is no shortage of career advice for women, many of the things that matter most – the factors that can make or break our careers like men, gender dynamics, appearance, and parenting – are often avoided, or even considered taboo. An opportunity exists to hit these factors more head on, helping women of all ages and all phases of their careers by driving more candid advice and open discussion around them. 

The Women@Work book series is just getting started and will continue to evolve.  The first book published, Men@Work, is focused on helping women understand male archetypes in the workplace and how to navigate them effectively to drive their own success.  Meanwhile, you’ll see the beginnings of three additional books, including Fashion@Work, and Babies@Work.  Each began as chapters in Men@Work, but early readers suggested each was a meaty topic that warranted a book all its own.  You’ll see these three pieces are work-in-progress abstracts. Through this website, the plan is to kick off conversation around each, gaining perspectives from other professional women based on their experiences that will enrich the guidance.

We're excited about the opportunity to achieve an ecosystem out of the Women@Work book series to support the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world.  While the books will hopefully provide value to working women looking to improve their careers, the proceeds from that engagement will help change the lives of emerging women.  

Books in the works


A career girl’s guide to creating a personal brand


A career girl's guide to surviving pregnancy and parenting