Introducing Babies@Work

Launching Winter 2018

My biggest hope for Babies@Work is that it might help more women choose to stay in the game once they start having families. For older working moms out there, I thought you might enjoy commiserating. For younger women, I thought these stories and advice might help you find answers as you’re contemplating marriage and/or babies. I thought those now in the throes of it all and wondering if you should stick it out might be able to use some perspective on how things will play out.

Babies@Work will be a fun, honest, and prescriptive guide to how to survive what can be a decade or even more filled with challenge and opportunity. While each working woman’s situation is unique, there are recurring hurdles and themes, connections and commonalities that exist. On this most meaty of topics, I thought it was worth sharing my hard-earned experience navigating a career over nearly a couple of decades. I thought it was worth passing along the insights of other great female colleagues who have figured out how to “have it all,” whatever that means.