What People are Saying

Men@Work is amazing! I very much appreciate the candid and practical advice. I am sure I will be revisiting it often as I adjust to work situations in the future.
— Rachel W. Men@Work reader
This will help a lot of women in their careers.
— Eric M. Men@Work reader
Men@Work is spot-on about how to handle tough situations with men at work. Your book gave me hope that we can find common ground and work together to tackle tough problems.
— Stephanie E. Men@Work reader
Thank you for giving girls a guide to navigating the inevitable male personality types they will encounter, in a digestible, non ‘man-hating’ way. I’ve read a number of career women books and they often have an undertone of disdain for men. Men@Work did not, so thank you!
— Allison G. Men@Work reader