We believe economic advancement and self-reliance is the power to create opportunities for yourself. It’s the power to take care of other people and impact the world around you. It’s the power that comes from achieving a level of success so that you’re in a fantastic position to change a system that needs to evolve.

Toward that end, what you’ll find here are resources and advice focused on helping working women get ahead. We tackle the topics that can make or break our careers head-on—from men and gender dynamics to appearance and personal brand to work/life balance and beyond.  

Our books, guidance, events, and more are all dedicated to helping women of all phases of their careers—right here, right now and over the longer haul. What are the incremental changes you can make to reach the next level of success? What are the day-by-day attitudes and practices you can adopt that will turn you into a leader? What are the concrete actions you can take to overcome challenges and seize opportunities?

Simply put, we’re excited to help women make work…work.



Resources and guides for navigating the tricky world of gender dynamics and driving more productive connections with men at work.

Personal Brand

Everything you need to know about building your best self—what to wear to work, the unwritten rules of business attire, and how to maximize your effectiveness at big events.

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Mentor Marketplace

Sign up for a one-on-one mentoring session with a woman leader in your industry. Get resume help, interview tips, career path choices, guidance about work-life balance, and more.

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Career Advice

Everything you need to know from hire to retire—how to get a job, nail an interview, ask for a raise, take maternity leave, survive getting fired, network like a pro, and more.

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