The basic mechanics of business and economics can feel, well, daunting. Even the most educated women I know have told me that when it comes to debt and equity, supply and demand, debits and credits, and so on—it all seems intimidating, mystifying, and overwhelming. Sometimes, we've been living in the midst of all this stuff for years and are still struggling to understand how the business and economics of life work.

When I went to business school five years after completing my undergraduate degree in Government and Theology, I was blown away by what I didn’t know or understand of all the things that were humming around me every day. Every interaction and transaction, both large and small, are driven by these basic concepts of economics and business. And yet many of us haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the frameworks that can help us understand our world and be more effective in it.


As my MBA curriculum unfolded, I was so energized by a multitude of lightbulb moments when I finally “got” it. You know those “aha” feelings when someone finally explains something to you in a way that makes everything make sense? That experience of having something that was complex and elusive finally netted out for me in a way that I could “see” it changed everything for me. I never looked at the world the same way again and was empowered to see connections and make better decisions that weren’t possible for me before that.

That “aha” experience is exactly what we’re trying to achieve with our Women@Work(shops) One-Day MBA program. We want to empower every woman to see connections and make better decisions with their personal finances, at work, and for their futures.