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A career girl’s guide to navigating male archetypes


We’ve come a long way, but our ability to navigate men can still make or break our careers

For working women, figuring out how to navigate men can be the difference between success or failure, the determining factor in whether you’re able to achieve more senior positions or get stuck in the rank and file. And yet few talk about how to be effective with men—who are inevitably our bosses, peers, subordinates, customers, and suppliers.

So how do you deal with the hundreds or even thousands of men you’ll encounter in your career? You might have heard that there are only seven stories in the world. Well, what if you could boil down all the guys you’re going to encounter into seven types? The thousands of them would become more consumable, understandable, and predictable. You could have a practical platform for action that might make you smarter, savvier, less frustrated, and more effective and successful.

Men@Work is a straightforward guide for women looking to understand these seven types of men and how to navigate them effectively. We saw an opportunity to look at this whole topic of men and women at work with a fresh lens. We wanted to take an honest, practical, and more prescriptive approach to defining and understanding the types of guys who repeatedly emerge—for better or for worse—and determine how to best navigate them based on their good and not-so-good traits, how they’re motivated, what they care about, how they’re likely to respond and interact with you. 

Men@Work is a primer for women of all ages, particularly those just embarking on their careers, but it also has advice for women in their 30s trying to decide whether to stay in the game and/or have babies and/or how to advance to the next level. It also provides valuable perspective for older women re-entering the workplace after taking time to be at home with their kids.


The perfect gift for new grads, savvy career veterans, and everyone in between

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What’s inside Men@Work?

The Seven Types

Men@Work defines, classifies, and breaks down each of the seven types, providing a framework for how to navigate each one more broadly and then more specifically by role—manager vs. peer vs. subordinate. 

Work/Life/World Dynamics

Beyond figuring out how to navigate the seven types of men, we've found there are a handful of work/life/world dynamics that will help support your professional journey. Together, they’ll provide a framework for making better decisions about your career, happiness, and success.

Thoughts on Power & Politics  

How do you become a leader? It’s not by getting angry with someone, demanding something from them, or arguing with them in email or in a group. True respect has to be earned and comes through serving, engaging, and motivating people, building their trust. Men@Work lays out the foundations of serving-focused leadership and how to achieve it.


Be “TCP” (The Complete Package)

How do you reach TCP status? You don’t need to be the most beautiful or the smartest or the funniest, but ideally, you need to figure out how to be a little bit of each. Men@Work provides practical guidance for every woman to become her very best version of TCP.  

Behaviors for Success & Happiness

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the happiest and most successful people share a lot of common traits. Men@Work breaks them down in a way that’s actionable and achievable.  



What readers are saying  

Every page ratified the responsibility we each have to be better, to be entrepreneurs and an example for society, for our children and for our colleagues. I thank you very much for this gift. I will always carry it in my heart and I am sure that it will be a guide in my professional training and will contribute a lot to my life.
— Virginia M.
Blown away! Blown away! Wish I had read this when I was 30! Wowww…and I’m going to tell every woman I know.
— Maureen P.
Congratulations on being brave enough to try and change the world around you for the better. My best friends (wife and daughter) thank you and wish you the very best.
— Michael A.
Your writing has an authenticity and personal touch to it that is very unique and really makes it engaging.
— Ryan P.
This will help a lot of women in their careers.
— Eric M.
I am fascinated by the insights in Men@Work. I was challenged to rethink how delivering great work isn’t enough for career acceleration and personal impact. I’m over it now and so on board with you. :) I’ve been hosting my personal experiential lab on this and the results are astounding so far. This is magic sauce—thank you for sharing.
— Karen F.
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Men@Work extras


Self-development worksheets

Sometimes, putting words on paper commits us to doing things in a way we might not otherwise achieve. This packet of worksheets was created to complement Men@Work and includes exercises for navigating each archetype, achieving TCP (The Complete Package) status, and more.  


52 commandments for success

This collection of wisdom nuggets, behaviors, and tips were pulled from Men@Work. There are for every week of the year. Taken together, we’ve had women both young and old tell us how much they’ve valued this empowering and actionable collection of mantras and behaviors.