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One-Day MBA

With the goal of helping women achieve economic advancement and self-reliance, we’re launching One-Day MBA events, featuring basic economic and business education taught by successful women looking to help emerging women realize their dreams.

The program's curriculum focuses on making it easy to understand the basics of how the business of the world works—from microeconomics and macroeconomics to accounting, finance, and investments to sales and marketing. Even the most educated and smartest women often haven’t gotten their heads around this stuff, so we saw an opportunity to capitalize on the Women at Work platform to de-mystify all of it. One-Day MBA events will boil down these concepts to the most basic level and relate them to things that we see and experience in our everyday lives.

Beyond the basic business curriculum, the One-Day MBA programs will have panel discussions on topics related to the books, including navigating men and gender dynamics, creating a personal brand, surviving pregnancy and parenting, staying fit, and more.

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The years of determining when to have a family in the midst of your career evolving and then making it all work can be tricky and even daunting. Co-written by Christina and OB/GYN Pramila Yadav, MD, Babies@Work is a fun, honest, substantive, and prescriptive guide to how to survive what can be a decade or even more filled with challenge and opportunity. Given the infinite number of variables and overwhelming factors, Christina and Pramy have focused on netting out the options and demystifying the maze of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum health, and everything that goes with them—all with the goal of making this whole process “work” for those who want to work.

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