*Free Download* Commandments for Success

*Free Download* Commandments for Success


This collection of mantras, behaviors, and things to do has been pulled from the book, Men@Work. After a few people asked for them, we thought you might like to have a stand-alone thing that can be printed out, read, passed along, or maybe even posted. We hope you’ll download them to use in group discussions or explore on your own how the book applies to you’re your career and broader life endeavors.

There are 52...one for every week in the year. If you’re a fan of these, check out our Women@Work Journal - 52 Weeks of Success & Happiness. We created it to complement the Men@Work book and thought it would provide a nice tool all year long for setting goals, capturing thoughts on challenges and opportunities, and considering how to maximize your success and happiness. Plus, it might be fun to go back and look at it next year and feel good about everything you've accomplished and see how far you've come! 

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