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The Works


All of our favorite things in one perfect package


Inspire and wow your daughter, niece, best friend, wife, co-worker—or all of the above :)—with the ultimate Women at Work gift set! Each special gift set comes beautifully wrapped and ready to give. It’s the easiest and most memorable gift you’ll ever give.

Gift set includes:

  • Fashion@Work (in paperback): A career girl’s guide to creating a personal brand. The ultimate form-meets-function gift, Fashion@Work is jam-packed with practical advice on what to do and avoid in creating your best self, how to approach different types of events, how to age with style and flair, and so much more. And, seriously, it’s downright gorgeous, with hundreds of beautiful illustrations by Danielle Rose Fisher.

  • Men@Work (in paperback): A career girl’s guide to navigating male archetypes, achieving success, and finding happiness. This quick read is filled with straightforward guidance for women looking to improve how they operate in the workplace by understanding men and larger work/life/world dynamics that are at play to become your best working self.

  • Women at Work Journal. Provides weekly wisdom based on our 52 Commandments for Success while providing a nice way to capture the important stuff over time, define initiatives, track progress, and more.

  • Women at Work Stationery. Each notecard in the bundle of six features a beautiful Women at Work watercolor.

  • Women at Work Rollerball Pen. Sleek and sophisticated, our pen writes like a dream, and the comfortable grip makes it an absolute joy to use.

  • Topeca x Kyya Chocolate Bar. The most delicious chocolate bar on earth (we mean it). 62% Ugandan chocolate infused with Kenyan coffee. Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Christina’s hometown!) by Topeca Coffee Roasters.

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