Women@Work Tee - Wings

Women@Work Tee - Wings


"I...am...a super woman...Yes I am!...Yes she is!" (Alicia Keys)

Butterfly wings meet superhero cape meet amazing t-shirt you'll never want to take off - that's exactly what this is!  We’re superhero strong in so many ways, so it’s great to be reminded of the opportunity to channel special powers in our own lives – at home, at work, in everything that we do.  Strong, stoic, and self-reliant, we can make things happen and protect those who need us - following in the great footsteps of the superhero Women@Work icons that have stood before us.  

We’re excited to be teaming up with ROAD TWENTY-TWO (www.roadtwentytwo.com), a spectacular company based in San Francisco that shares our mission of promoting economic advancement and self-reliance for women. Road Twenty-Two uses great style to do good things by employing formerly incarcerated women and give them a fresh start. Together, they create clothes with the very best fabrics, most flattering fits, and a touch of edge that sets them apart. These are pieces you'll never want to take off, made in the USA with a whole lot of heart.

We’re pretty sure these tees are going to change your life and be your favorites for years or even decades to come.

Pre Orders will be available for shipment on August 1, 2017.

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