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What readers are saying  

Blown away! Blown away! Wish I had read this when I was 30! Wowww…and I’m going to tell every woman I know.
— Maureen P. Men@Work reader
Your writing has an authenticity and personal touch to it that is very unique and really makes it engaging.
— Ryan P. Men@Work reader
Every page ratified the responsibility we each have to be better, to be entrepreneurs and an example for society, for our children and for our colleagues. I thank you very much for this gift. I will always carry it in my heart and I am sure that it will be a guide in my professional training and will contribute a lot to my life.
— Virginia M. Men@Work reader
I am fascinated by the insights in Men@Work. I was challenged to rethink how delivering great work isn’t enough for career acceleration and personal impact. I’m over it now and so on board with you. :) I’ve been hosting my personal experiential lab on this and the results are astounding so far. This is magic sauce—thank you for sharing.
— Karen F. Men@Work reader
Congratulations on being brave enough to try and change the world around you for the best friends (wife and daughter) thank you and wish you the very best.
— Michael A. Men@Work reader
This will help a lot of women in their careers.
— Eric M. Men@Work reader