What’s inside Fashion@Work?

The Lucky 21 Club

While there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to fashion, there are definitely practices that generally work...or don’t. We’ve nailed it down to 21 “guidelines” or “commandments” or what have you that will help maximize your personal brand and career success.

Mastering the Event

In every woman’s career story, there will be events that are utterly game-changing. Fashion@Work defines four—the big interview, the executive meeting, the main-stage presentation, and the customer pitch—and explores what your objective should be, what to wear, how to prepare, what obstacles you should anticipate and how to overcome them, and ultimately how to realize success in each particular event and more broadly.

Fashion Road Warrior

There are trips that refresh and energize and make you feel like a superheroine. And there are others that completely defeat you and take years off your life in less than twenty-four hours. What are the determining factors and can you control them? Not always, not entirely, but yes you can make choices that put distance between you and the misery. We’ve laid out our greatest tips and tricks that will turn you into a seasoned road warrior overnight. 


Realizing Ageless Style

Age is such a tricky topic and potentially the most taboo within a subject that’s already taboo. To net out the challenges and opportunities, we’ve created a framework that lays out what’s at stake for each decade—the pros and cons of a given age, your goals and objectives based on your life phase, and finally your key challenges and how to overcome them.

Fashion & Fitness

In the journey to maximize your own economic advancement and self-reliance, there’s nothing more critical or actionable than fitness. Fashion@Work’s guiding principles for getting strong are crafted for busy working women and moms, covering everything from how to muster the enthusiasm to hit the gym after an endless day of meetings to how to get the best workout possible when you’re on the road.

Fashion Stories

There are undeniable differences between all of us. Everyone has their strengths and the things they love about themselves, and, of course, the things that they wish they didn’t have. Fashion@Work’s diverse portfolio of fashion stories provides perspectives from a few of our favorite working women on how they interpret fashion’s written and unwritten rules to realize their best professional selves.