What’s inside Men@Work?

The Seven Types

Men@Work defines, classifies, and breaks down each of the seven types, providing a framework for how to navigate each one more broadly and then more specifically by role—manager vs. peer vs. subordinate. Mastering the Event

Work/Life/World Dynamics

Beyond figuring out how to navigate the seven types of men, we've found there are a handful of work/life/world dynamics that will help support your professional journey. Together, they’ll provide a framework for making better decisions about your career, happiness, and success.

Thoughts on Power & Politics  

How do you become a leader? It’s not by getting angry with someone, demanding something from them, or arguing with them in email or in a group. True respect has to be earned and comes through serving, engaging, and motivating people, building their trust. Men@Work lays out the foundations of serving-focused leadership and how to achieve it.


Be “TCP” (The Complete Package)

How do you reach TCP status? You don’t need to be the most beautiful or the smartest or the funniest, but ideally, you need to figure out how to be a little bit of each. Men@Work provides practical guidance for every woman to become her very best version of TCP.  

Behaviors for Success & Happiness

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the happiest and most successful people share a lot of common traits. Men@Work breaks them down in a way that’s actionable and achievable.