What’s my story?

I'm a middle aged (50), reasonably accomplished technology executive who:

  1. Never thought that I would still be working as a wife and mother, much less have a full career path and/or be remotely successful. 

  2. Somehow ended up in an industry and a role that I never dreamed I could do - one that's super techie even though I started as a totally liberal artsy and save-the-world kind of person.  

Despite my insecurity, complete lack of initiative and planning, average academic record, and unlikely success in my younger years, I've ended up with a full blown career that's given me so darn much.  Those early days of mediocrity and moments of failure didn't kill me, and ended up fueling my drive, stamina, and ultimate advancement over the longer haul. My career has been taken a random, haphazard, unlikely path, meandering in and out of seemingly disconnected industries and roles, yet it's all worked out and ended up making sense.