Leadership Keynotes & Training

Christina Van Houten is available to speak at events as part of panel discussions, breakout sessions, shorter “TED Talk” formats, or as a more expanded keynote. While her presentations are focused on the Men@Work book and providing guidance for women in the workplace, she’s also engaged with mixed audiences of men and women on content that speaks to leadership and workplace effectiveness more broadly. 

“Great closing keynote for Women in Tech day by Christina Van Houten, utterly authentic and approachable, key to true leadership.”
- Cecile A.

“Engaging and useful. Thanks Christina Van Houten for finding time in your travels to write about Men@Work.”
- Shannon M.

“Great career advice for women and men in the work world.” 
- Eli B.

“‘Find your gravitas…confidence, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.’ Loved this session!”
– Sheryl S.


If you’d like to engage Christina in an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to be in touch christina@womenatwork.com.

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The One-Day MBA

With the goal of helping women achieve economic advancement and self-reliance, we’re launching Women@Work(shops), featuring basic economic and business education taught by successful women looking to help emerging women realize their dreams.

The program's curriculum focuses on making it easy to understand the basics of how the business of the world works—from microeconomics to macroeconomics, accounting to investments. Even the most educated and smartest women often haven’t gotten their heads around this stuff, so we saw an opportunity to capitalize on the Women@Work platform to de-mystify all of it. Women@Work(shops) will boil down these concepts to the most basic level and relate them to things that we see and experience in our everyday lives.

Beyond the basic business curriculum, we'll have panel discussions on topics related to the books, including navigating men and gender dynamics, creating a personal brand, surviving pregnancy and parenting, staying fit, and more. Regardless of whether you’re working in the business world, committed to another profession such as law or medicine, or are staying at home to raise your kids and take care of your family and broader community, these basic concepts are invaluable to understanding how the world works and how to take care of yourself and those you love. 

Our goal is to feature two major Women@Work(shops) annually—one in the Fall and another in the Spring in major cities. To learn more, check out the downloadable handout for more detail on the curriculum and logistics. Over the coming months, we'll provide more detail on dates, venues, and more. If you’re interested in joining our mailing list for Women@Work(shops), please email us at info@womenatwork.com


Explore the One-Day MBA curriculum.