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Women-helping-women - The Giving Marketplace!

Women@Work is dedicated to the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world.  As part of that mission, we've launched Women Helping Women that's focused on two major initiatives, including:

1.  Economic Advancement:  Women@Work contributes 5% of sales to a select group of organizations that advance our mission, particularly STEM programs, academic scholarships, micro-enterprise lending, and back-to-work training programs. We're new at all of this, so more details will follow on our partnerships and the specific programs we're engaging in to advance the women and girls they serve. Meanwhile, as we provide more information on these organizations, highlighting their programs and accomplishments, we invite others to check out what interests you and contribute in ways that align with your interests.

2.  The Skills Exchange:  There are working women out there who want to help and there are organizations helping emerging women and girls that need help. To help make these connections, we thought the Women@Work platform might be a nice way to bring the two together, helping organizations that have particular needs and women looking to contribute their time and unique skills to organizations.  

Maybe you're a younger woman living in a new city who's looking for ongoing involvement with an organization that helps build your professional skills while connecting with others and tapping into a powerful network?  Or perhaps you're an overwhelmed working mom that wants to contribute to the community and get engaged with an organization or two but don't have time for an ongoing commitment? One of the toughest things about being a working woman can be the time-money inverse correlation dynamic - i.e., you want to help and have valuable skills and resources that can help non-profits, but lack the time to get involved in a big, ongoing way. Finally, you might be part of a non-profit organization that needs help with bolstering its marketing presence with new branding or is looking for advice on a business plan to expand its offerings? Maybe it's financial sponsorship of a specific initiative or an in-kind donation or even a commitment of business skills or board participation that you can offer to working women out there that want to help?

That's what The Skills Exchange is all about - connecting supply with demand in a new, efficient way. Non-profits can list things they need in the form of job descriptions and working women can review and determine where they'd like to engage based on their time, skills and interests. Meanwhile, working women can also post their capabilities and interests in the form of short resumes, from which non-profits can review and reach out with requests to engage. We hope this provides a win-win opportunity for both working women and the organizations we serve.

More details to come on this over the coming months, but please don't hesitate to be in touch you have questions or want to get more involved.