The One-Day MBA


With the goal of helping women achieve economic advancement and self-reliance, we’re also looking to start Women@Work(shops), featuring basic economic and business education taught by successful women looking to help emerging women realize their dreams.

The program's curriculum will be focused on making it easy to understand the basics of how the business of the world works.  Even the most educated and smartest women often haven’t gotten their heads around this stuff, so we thought an opportunity existed to capitalize on the Women@Work platform to de-mystify all of it, boiling down the concepts to the most basic level and relating them to things that are familiar to all of us, to the things that we see and experience in our everyday lives.  Regardless of whether you’re working in the business world or some other field or are staying at home to raise your kids and take care of your family, these basic concepts are invaluable to understanding how the world works and how to take care of yourself and those you love. 

Beyond the basic business curriculum, we'll offer panel discussions and workshops on topics related to the books, including navigating men and gender dynamics, creating a personal brand, surviving pregnancy and parenting, staying fit and more!

A sample curriculum is included below. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, we hope you’ll be in touch.