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Fashion Story Sweepstakes

Have you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful watercolor portrait of yourself, painted by a genius artist? Post a photo of your favorite outfit on Instagram for a chance to win!

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Here’s how it works:

  • Post a photo of yourself in your favorite outfit on Instagram with the hashtag #FashionStorySweepstakes. And don’t forget to tag us: @women_at_work_

  • We’ll choose three winners at random on July 31st.

Winners will receive a watercolor portrait from Fashion@Work artist Danielle Rose Fisher and a signed copy of Fashion@Work.


Fashion Story Inspiration

Fashion@Work’s diverse collection of fashion stories provides perspectives from a range of working women on how they interpret fashion’s written and unwritten rules to realize their best professional selves. Check out Vanessa, Teckie, and Sowmya’s fashion stories and get inspired.




“I see my look as a creative outlet and spend a significant amount of time strategizing and putting together outfits that are cool yet unexpected.



“One of the life dynamics I relish the most is the cause and effect of smiling. Your mood or the way you wear your face, the way you engage with the world has the opportunity to change everything.”



“Throughout my career, a deeply personal style has helped me stand out from the crowd and make an impression without trying too hard.”