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Dedicated to the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world

About Women at Work

For women who want to capitalize on their career, life, success, & happiness


We are Women at Work

Women at Work is a resource center for working women and a platform for frank, meaningful, and thought-provoking guidance about topics that can make or break our careers. While there’s no shortage of advice out there, many of the factors that are critical to our success—men and gender dynamics, appearance and personal brand, pregnancy and parenting—are often avoided and sometimes considered taboo.

We created Women at Work to take on these topics head-on and provide concrete, actionable information. Our goal is to support women of all ages and in all phases of their careers with candid advice and an open exchange that can be hard to find. So if you’re looking for an honest, direct conversation about the issues that matter to your day-to-day work and broader journey, you’ve come to the right place.


Christina Van Houten

Writer & Founder


Christina started Women at Work to celebrate her 50th birthday and the amazing opportunities and experiences that work has given her. As she matured in her career, Christina enjoyed how women increasingly sought her out for guidance and mentorship. Through those interactions, she saw the need for a platform of practical, actionable resources and advice on topics that can drive our success and happiness. Originally from Oklahoma and now based in Boston, Christina’s long-time career has been diverse and random—spanning tech, fashion, and public interest—yet has made perfect sense to her and all worked out in the end.

Annie Sinsabaugh

Content Strategy Lead


Annie is a writer and radio producer based in Cambridge, MA. Originally from New York City, Annie made her way upstate to study Creative Writing and Literature at Bard College. For seven years, she worked as an advertising copywriter, writing everything from Tweets to international advertising campaigns for a few products you probably use every day as well as several that wouldn’t ring a bell. In 2016, she attended the Transom Story Workshop, a storytelling and audio production program. Since then, she’s worked in radio, podcasts, and on a project she holds near and dear to her heart, Women at Work.

Danielle Rose Fisher

Artist & Creative Genius


Danielle is a New York-based illustrator, designer, and overall creative professional. Working as a full-time digital designer & illustrator for the last 5+ years, she has had the opportunity to develop a well-rounded background consisting of book illustration, branding, and visual product/UX design. Her philosophy is to create engaging and accessible user experiences through design and create beautiful things through illustration.


Alexis Harding

Collaborator on Career Advice


A seasoned veteran in human resources management, Alexis has experience in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. After a seven-year stint in the Midwest, Alexis now lives in her hometown, Cambridge, MA. Her deep knowledge in all things HR combined with her commitment to empowering women make Alexis an invaluable resource for every Woman at Work.


Pramy Yadav, MD

Collaborator on Babies@Work


Pramy is an OB/GYN physician who's practiced in Boston over the last 14 years. Throughout her career, she's delivered countless babies and treated a myriad of women at various stages of their careers. Born, raised, and educated in Vermont, Pramy still considers herself to be a true Vermonter. When she's not hanging out in the maternity ward or serving as an advocate for women's health, she devotes herself to her family as well as travel, art, fashion, and philanthropy.


Nicole Goodwin

Collaborator on Women@Work(outs)


Nicole is a Boston-based personal trainer with an extensive background in botany, holistic health, and wellness as well as all major workout programs—from boxing to high intensity workouts to weight training and more. The Women at Work team got to benefit from Nicole's genius first-hand at our launch event outside Boston. When Nicole isn’t in the gym, she’s skiing, hiking, and climbing mountains.


September 2017

Our epic launch party

40 kick-ass Women@Work. 1 inspiring weekend. Check out our pics, playlists, and a few of our favorite things.

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