Women@Work Launch party

Sept 23rd & 24th, Boston, MA

It all started when...

....a spectacularly diverse group of amazing women of all ages, backgrounds, professions, industries, and regions assembled just outside of Boston over a gorgeous early Fall weekend. Marking the launch of Men@Work and the broader Women@Work platform, most came alone and nearly all of us didn't know each other when we started the event. And yet that didn't stop this completely optimized portfolio of mothers and daughters, friends and colleagues from making massive efforts to be a part of this unprecedented occasion, forging lifelong bonds and sharing extraordinary insights that changed all of us forever.  

The best part is that's exactly why this whole Women@Work thing was started...to create a powerful platform for connecting women who are taking the road less traveled. To enable more experienced women to help those just embarking on or emerging in their careers. To help us realize we're not alone. To offer camaraderie and guidance to those looking for how to take everything that life and work have to provide and make the most of it. The launch party was a much needed shot-in-the-arm for all of us, refueling our tanks, making us feel proud of our accomplishments, and getting us excited about the opportunities that lie ahead around achieving our next level of success and happiness.

Same time next year?! Who’s in? :)


Share your photos! Please email any and all to Info@womenatwork.com!


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