Men@Work Book

A career girl’s guide to navigating male archetypes. 

While women have come a long way over the past several decades, representing more than half of all undergraduate students and the majority of many graduate programs like law and medicine, men still run the show in most arenas. Whether it’s big law firms or hospitals or financial services firms or governments or large educational institutions, loads of women flood into these arenas out of school but seem to diminish through the ages as men emerge at the senior ranks. 

So how do you figure out how to deal with the hundreds or even thousands of men you’ll encounter in your career as bosses, peers and subordinates?  Well, you’ve probably thought, “wow, that guy is just like that other guy.”  You might have also heard the saying that there are only 7 stories in the world and that the millions that have been told and written about all map back to that small set of themes.  What if you could boil down all the guys you’re going to encounter into 7 types?  The thousands of them then become more consumable, understandable, and predictable.  You could have a practical platform for action that might make you smarter, savvier, less frustrated, and probably more effective and successful. 

We thought an opportunity existed to look at this whole topic of men and women at work with a fresh lens.  We wanted to take an honest, practical, and more prescriptive approach to defining and understanding the types of guys who repeatedly emerge – for better or for worse – and determine how to best navigate them based on their good and not-so-good traits, how they’re motivated, what they care about, how they’re likely to respond and interact with you. 

Once you understand the 7 main types, it’s possible to shortcut right to the actions you might take to build relationships and effectively succeed with each type.  It’s possible to understand how to deal with their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths.  You have the opportunity to more quickly and effectively determine your quid pro quo with them.  You can determine where and when hitting something head on might be the right move or others when just delivering and laying low might be the better approach.

My cattle rancher grandfather@work

My cattle rancher grandfather@work

My lawyer dad@work in all his 70s handsomeness

My lawyer dad@work in all his 70s handsomeness

My brave and strong soldier grandfather@work

My brave and strong soldier grandfather@work

So who are these 7 guys and what does it mean for you?  What are the inevitable work/life truths that are also at play?  What are the characteristics and behaviors of the most effective and successful women?  That’s what the book covers. 

Men@Work is a primer for women of all ages, particularly those just embarking on their careers, but it also has advice that’s relevant for women in their 30s trying to decide whether to stay in the game and/or have babies and/or how to advance to the next level.  It can also provide valuable perspective for older women reentering the workplace after taking time to be at home with their kids.  

These free worksheets are intended to be handouts that accompany the book.  We hope you’ll download them to use in group discussions or explore on your own how the book applies to you’re your career and broader life endeavors. The package also includes The Commandments of Success, a favorite of many readers.

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