About Nicole Goodwin

Collaborator on Women@Work(outs)


I’ve been a personal trainer for the past ten years, specializing in weight loss, youth fitness, and performance enhancement as well as recovery from surgery and injury post physical therapy. My expertise in personal fitness ranges from boxing to high-intensity workouts to weight training and more. Throughout my career, I’ve been recognized on the Boston Sports Clubs Top 20 Trainers list several times over.

I earned a BA in Botany at the University of Vermont with a focus on plant propagation and herbal medicine. My interest in holistic medicine piqued after my mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 35. Her devastating decline motivated me to explore the body’s inflammation process and how to overcome the process through preventative measures, particularly food, supplements, and herbals. Out of that experience, I worked in the supplement industry for nearly ten years before becoming a personal trainer.

I’ve always been an avid athlete. As a kid, I was a competitive gymnast. In high school, I ran cross country and skied. And in college, I fell in love with ultimate rugby. I grew up in a family of outdoor enthusiasts—particularly when it came to camping, hiking, boating, and waterskiing—so connecting with nature is core to who I am. Being active outside is what makes me feel completely content, providing much-needed balance and perspective. All of my free time beyond training others is focused on skiing, ripping up the slopes anywhere and everywhere on a regular basis. When there’s no snow to be found, I hike and climb the White and Green Mountains religiously.

My greatest joy is the opportunity I now have with my profession to help others realize their personal goals—physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, personally, and professionally. I believe that all of these aspects of a person’s life are inevitably intertwined and that by making holistic fitness a goal, each of us can do the things we love for years to come. I’m excited to mentor other women who are looking to personal training as a profession and thrilled to collaborate with Christina to make Women@Work(outs) truly extraordinary.