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Fitness guides and stories


Does the very idea of “fitness” make you feel guilty and uncomfortable, roll your eyes, or even audibly groan? I totally relate because that was me for most of my life. Looking back, I now understand that I just didn’t appreciate what it meant to be fit—either on the outside or inside. I didn’t realize that it’s not about being a stick figure or skinny. It’s also not necessarily about being a crazy ripped bodybuilder type. Just like anything in life, there’s a massive continuum of choices and things that work—not just in terms of fit “types” but also the types of fitness you choose to pursue. There are many ways to do this and opportunities to achieve it in a manner that works perfectly for you and your unique body, personality, preferences, and schedule.

To that end, we wanted to create fitness guides that aren’t filled with the typical one-size-fits-all tips, advice, and regimens. While there’s no shortage of fitness advice out there, most of the content that exists isn’t specific to working women and all of our unique challenges and opportunities. We wanted to get specific—because in the journey of maximizing your economic advancement and self-reliance, there’s nothing more critical or actionable.


Give Me 20!

Ready to uncover your inner superhero(ine)? These easy-to-act-on, zero-BS tips provide prescriptive advice for how to find motivation and make working out core to your everyday life and who you are.


Women@Work(outs) Wizard

Our favorite workouts crafted for working women. No equipment? No problem. One matrix provides guidance for getting sweaty anytime, anywhere while the other provides a regimen if you have access to a gym.


Finding My Fit at 42

Think it’s too late to get fit and strong? No way—there’s no such thing as “too late.” I didn’t start working out until I was forty-freaking-two. Nearly a decade later, I can’t imagine life without it.