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Women@Work(outs) Wizard

Anyone, anytime, anywhere fitness


Garanimals! Maybe a few of you older, wiser gals like me remember the beloved kids' apparel brand from the early 70s featured at Target? How cool were those?! For you younger gals who missed this hit trend, Garanimals was a mix-and-match clothes “system” based on cartoony versions of different animals that indicated what tops and bottoms could/should be worn together. Pick your favorite Garanimal and assemble a group of pieces that are guaranteed to go together. Let the mixing and matching begin!

Garanimals has become one of my favorite buzzword bingo terms, so I'm excited to apply it here. ☺ The Women@Work(outs) Wizard is meant to provide you with an easy-to-use reference tool for creating your own Woman@Work(outs) puzzle that will have all the pieces you need to complete your picture. Because sometimes you might have access to equipment and other times you might have to get creative and scrappy, I've included a model tailored to each scenario. By my math, this simple matrix gives you more than 15,000 possible workouts if you combine these in different ways. I bet even Garanimals couldn't do that!

Print it out. Keep it in your bag. Get active anytime, anywhere.


About Christina Van Houten

Christina is the founder of Women at Work. Based in Boston with her husband and two teenage sons, she has spent the last 20 years of her career as a senior executive in the enterprise technology sector. Prior to evolving into tech, Christina founded a women's athletic apparel brand and served in several public interest roles focused on community and economic development. She started working at age thirteen and hasn't stopped since. She’s eager to support women of all ages, career stages, professions, industries, geos, and backgrounds to help them find their way to the best possible life they can achieve through bringing to bear her experiences and guidance combined with other valuable resources and engagement opportunities. While she now works and connects with women (and men!) from around the world, Christina is originally from the great state of Oklahoma, where her heart and soul will always belong.

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