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Dedicated to the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world

Press Release: Men@Work

Introducing an unprecedented guide focused on helping working women effectively navigate common male archetypes to maximize their opportunities and ultimately drive success and happiness



For working women, figuring out how to navigate men and gender dynamics more broadly can be the difference between success or failure, the determining factor in whether you’re able to achieve more senior positions or get stuck in the rank and file. And yet few talk about how to be effective with men—who are inevitably the bosses, peers, subordinates, customers, and suppliers of working women. It’s a complex world and extremely diverse workplaces call for a better understanding of the nuances of how we can all work together to drive our own happiness and success and better work cultures more broadly.

Men@Work is focused on just that—helping working women achieve a framework for the continuum of male personalities they’ll inevitably encounter in their careers to drive productive connections with them and ultimately maximize their professional and personal success. Boiling down the hundreds or even thousands of men who women will encounter in their careers, Men@Work defines the seven fundamental types of men and then profiles each in a way that brings their personalities to life, clarifying what motivates them and detailing their primary strengths and weaknesses. From there, the guide provides practical, actionable advice for working women on how to navigate men more effectively to build connections and credibility in a way that can ultimately drive their own objectives and advancement.

A 20-year veteran of the enterprise technology arena and nearly 40-year working girl, Christina Van Houten has seen the importance of getting this right—navigating men effectively. “To be successful, you have to be included and to be included, you have to be liked and respected at some level,” suggests Christina. About two years ago, Christina started writing Men@Work as more of a personal journal and diversion from sometimes lonely business trips. After she had the opportunity to do a speaking series for groups of working women on leadership, what started as her Commandments of Success and other nuggets of advice in her presentations evolved into a full-blown book that then turned into a series of three guides covering what she sees as the three biggest success factors at work: 1) navigating gender dynamics, 2) achieving a strong personal brand, and 3) surviving what can be the overwhelming demands of having a career and a family.

“I couldn’t be more excited to capitalize on the experiences and resources gained from a career that’s given me so much to help other working women maximize their success and happiness,” said Christina. “The response we’ve realized with the book so far has been exciting and heartwarming. This content and engagement approach is clearly striking a nerve and providing the missing piece to a puzzle that is our individual and collective career journeys as women in the global workplace.”

Men@Work launched in the Fall of 2017 coincident with the launch of the Women at Work platform, which is dedicated to the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world. Women at Work will offer a series of three books, including Men@Work as well as Fashion@Work and Babies@Work, which will both launch in 2018. Additionally, the Women at Work platform features several initiatives designed to drive engagement between working women with the goal of providing support to them and fostering connections, including Mentor Marketplace, Women@Work(outs) fitness program, and Women@Work(shops) leadership and business training.

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About Christina Van Houten

Based in Boston with her husband and two teenage sons, Christina has spent the last 20 years of her career as a senior executive in the enterprise technology sector. Prior to evolving into tech, she founded a women's athletic apparel brand and served in several public interest roles focused on community and economic development. A graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Christina has worked since she could as a teenager and has relished the experiences and empowerment a long-time career has provided her. She’s eager to support women of all ages, career stages, professions, industries, geos, and backgrounds to help them find their way to the best possible life they can achieve through bringing to bear her experiences and guidance combined with other valuable resources and engagement opportunities. While she now works and connects with women (and men!) from around the world, Christina is originally from the great state of Oklahoma, where her heart and soul will always belong.

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