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A career girl’s guide to navigating male archetypes

Success at work depends on our ability to understand men and determine how to navigate them. So how do you figure out how to deal with the hundreds or even thousands of men you’ll encounter in your career as bosses, peers, and subordinates? Men@Work is a simple, straightforward guide for women looking to demystify these guys (yes, all of them) and ultimately become their best working selves.


Books in the works


A career girl’s guide to creating a personal brand

Coming Spring 2018



A career girl’s guide to surviving pregnancy & parenting

Coming Fall 2018



The Initiatives


Our One-Day MBA events help women quickly hone their understanding of economics and business to drive their career success.


Our Giving Marketplace matches working women who want to give back to the organizations that need their expertise.


Our Fitness Guides are crafted to help busy working women find their inner superhero(ine) and get strong.