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Launched in Fall 2017, Women@Work is a new platform for professional women that’s dedicated to the economic advancement and self-reliance of women and girls around the world.


The platform was founded by Christina Van Houten, a long-time working girl who’s now an executive in the technology sector and had stints as an apparel manufacturer and in public interest work prior to that.


The new platform includes a series of three books—two that are launched and one that is coming in 2019—and an expanded collection of related content, engagement, and initiatives as well as other branded products.

The first book, Men@Work, defines seven fundamental types of men and then profiles each in a way that brings their personalities to life. The second book, Fashion@Work, is jam-packed with practical advice about what to do and avoid in creating your best self.

All content and initiatives are focused on providing fun, interesting, and actionable self-improvement opportunities for working women of all ages, professions, and geos.

Additional initiatives, including our mentoring platform, fitness advice, and career guidance are available and will continue to grow.


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Events & Channels

Keynotes, panels, training, articles, discussion, live, online


Three books: Men@Work, Fashion@Work, and Babies@Work; content portfolio also includes the Women@Work Journal and related handouts and worksheets


T-shirts, stationary, workout bags, and more to come



All working women: All ages, all geos, all professions, and all career stages


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(launched October 2017)


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Men@Work is amazing! I very much appreciate
the candid and practical advice. I am sure I
will be revisiting it often as I adjust to work
situations in the future.
— Rachel W., Men@Work reader
Congratulations on being brave enough to try and change the world around you for the better....my best friends (wife and daughter) thank you and wish you the very best.
— Michael A., Men@Work reader
Thank you for giving girls a guide to navigating the inevitable male personality types they will encounter, in a digestible, non ‘man-hating’ way. I’ve read a number of career women books and they often have an undertone of disdain for men. Men@Work did not, so thank you!
— Allison G., Men@Work reader
Your session was my favorite and one of the best at HR Tech. You are doing great work, and it is so encouraging to me to see successful women like you reach out to help others further their careers.
— Tammy W., HR Tech attendee