*Free Download* One-Day MBA Curriculum

*Free Download* One-Day MBA Curriculum


Capitalize on the One-Day MBA!

Accounting, finance, investments, economics—maybe you avoided these subjects during your school days and now find yourself surrounded by all of it in one way or another? Maybe you wish you understood it all better so you could see connections more quickly and drive better decisions?

We're excited about the opportunity to provide rich, fun-filled days of learning and friendship for women looking to expand their understanding of basic business and economic concepts. Beyond the One-Day MBA curriculum, Women@Work(shops) will feature a series of panel discussions on topics that can make or break our careers, including navigating men and gender dynamics, maximizing your personal brand, and balancing work and family. This download provides more detail on the content that will be featured through the program.

More details coming soon on the wheres and whens for Women@Work(shops). If you'd like to be involved in one way or another, please be in touch!

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